Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival 2024

Is being held at Campus West at the University of York.

Come and join us for the weekend of Friday 16th to Sunday 18th February 2024 for an amazing weekend of dancing and music.

What is IVFDF???

Imagine an amazing ceilidh - like the one you went to around Burns night - now make it 100 times better and make it last the whole weekend. The Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival is a full weekend of ceilidhs, contras (the American equivalent of a ceilidh), Bal (the continental version of a ceilidh), Scottish Country dance (a prettier ceilidh with a distinctive, Scottish way of combining the figures) and Playford (ceilidh à la Jane Austin). Then add in a mix of workshops from Appalachian to Zesty Playford, from Balloon Modelling to Clog, and you've got one wonderful weekend.

IVFDF stands for 'Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival' it is an exciting and dynamic festival held at a different university each year. IVFDF has been running since 1951 and is the country's longest continually running folk festival. The tour so far spans over 20 locations as far apart as Exeter in the south and Aberdeen in the north. You don't have to be a student to go, just vaguely young or energetic. The Festival is particularly aimed at students, but it is open to everyone and caters for a wide range of ages and interests with numerous ceilidhs and workshops covering a wide range of dance styles - Scottish Country, Highland, Morris, Rapper Sword, Irish, and Playford are typical examples, with plenty of more exotic workshops varying from year to year.

See more information about the history of IVFDF on the main IVFDF website

Ticket news

We are hoping that tickets will be available in December, keep checking back on this website, or subscribe to our social media feeds to await the announcement and other exciting news.

Latest News

Workshop applications are open!! Would you like to run a workshop at York IVFDF 2024? We would love to hear from you! Let us know details of what you would like to do using this short Google form

Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions.


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