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You may or may not have noticed our amazing photographer, Tilly Brichieri, who was roaming the festival taking photograph.

Head over the Gallery to see if you can spot yourselves. The photos are also up on our Facebook logoFacebook page if you want to tag yourself or anyone else.


Thank you and good night

… and that is IVFDF over for another year. As the committee head home to eat and sleep may we take the opportunity to thank everyone for coming, we hope everyone had an amazing time.

Thank you also to all the bands, workshop leaders, sound engineers, stewards, YUFund (for the grant), YUSU (for the main venues) and all the lovely IVFDF folk community who have helped us over the festival.

It has been lovely to bring the festival to York for the first time.

See everyone in Sheffield next year.


Extra Bal

Due to such wonderful ticket sales we’ve decided to add an additional evening dance for Saturday night! Therefore I can confirm the programme has been updated to include a new Bal with Emily Bowden & Simon Dumpleton from 8.30pm - 11pm in DBar. Thanks go to them both for stepping in last minute to bring you all more fabulous dancing! Emily and Simon



What could be more fun than going to IVFDF? Going to IVFDF and wearing the most recent IVFDF t-shirt!

T-shirts will be £15

T-shirts will have the York goose logo on the front, and names of bands and callers of the main events on the back.

If you would like to pre-order, you can pre-order yours before 5th February using this short Google form. Please note due to supply issues we have deliberately left size and colour options a little open-ended, feel free to add notes if you are unsure or have specific preferences.

T-shirt will also be on sale at the festival.

Zeus the Goose with a TShirt


Pre-dancing Special Show - Friday 7pm

To kick off the festival we are delighted to announce our pre-dancing special show, ‘The Walls Have Eyes (but so do we)’: a folk puppetry show.

The Walls Have Eyes Poster

Inspired by true stories of the Portuguese fascists dictatorship, ‘the walls have eyes’ is a family visual puppetry show about self expression, innocence, bravery and what it takes to create change. Set against a backdrop of surveillance and censorship, watch a young girl as she discovers the true scope of the dangers that surround her and finds freedom within community. Written and performed by Jo Feijó, accompanied by the live folk of Frankie Insley, this show is an empowering watch for the whole family, reminding us of the importance of caring for one another through hard times and how only true inter dependance can allow for meaningful transformation.

Run time: 30 mins Age recommendation: 8+

This will kick of the festival at 7pm in St Lawrence Church Community Hall, YO10 3WP.

This will be stewarded but not ticketed so you can go straight there before collecting your wristband from campus.


TICKETS available!!!

That you ever so much for bearing with us, but we finally have some exciting news….

Tickets are now available !!!!

Head over to the Tickets page for more information.

Please be aware that for unknown reasons merchandise is not currently available to purchase. We are working with the student union to make it available.


We are looking for stewards

Stewarding Zeus the Goose IVFDF relies of a team of stewards to help with the smooth running of the festival.

The responsibilities of the stewards differ depending on which events you are stewarding, but could involve: checking tickets, selling tickets and merchandise, or being the first point of contact for other attendees.

In return for your help, you will be given a full or partial refund on purchased tickets depending on the number of hours you steward (greater than 6 hours for a full refund, less than 6 hours for a partial refund), and a T-shirt that you will be wearing while being a steward.

Let us know if you would like to be a steward using this short Google form.

For questions message us on Facebook, Instagram or email us (email address on the form).


Call for Workshop leaders

Workshop applications are open!! Would you like to run a workshop at York IVFDF 2024? We would love to hear from you! Let us know details of what you would like to do using this short Google form

Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions.


Welcome to ....

With a massive 58% of the vote, may I introduce you to….

Zeus the Goose Snowy Goose

Thank you to everyone who voted.



We keep talking about our cute goose logo in meetings, but we keep realising that we are being rather impersonal. We need a name for our friend… Snowy Goose

Head over to our Facebook post to vote for your choice.


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